We get it-you have a lot on your mind!  Undoubtedly buying a new home can push the limits on an already busy lifestyle.  But if you’re reading this blog (and learning about #homeinspectors), chances are good that you’ve finally found the perfect home and the search is over…Congrats!

Now it’s time to find a third party home inspector to make sure that perfect house isn’t a nightmare in disguise.  There are lots of great reputable companies out there, but it’s important to do your homework. 

Did you know that in the State of Illinois, a licensed home inspector isn’t required to carry Errors & Omissions insurance?  Commonly called E & O Insurance, this coverage offers you protection in the event the inspector misses a critical detail while inspecting the biggest purchase of your life.  Sure, mistakes shouldn’t happen.  But the reality is they do….. to good people all the time.

For example, let’s say the home inspector you hired fails to notice a low spot in the roof on your new home.  You proceed to closing with no idea of the major issues lurking just around the corner.  About six months later, you notice the ceiling in one of the upper bedrooms is sagging and you’ve got some water coming in.  A call to a local roofing company results with the great news that you get to buy a completely new roof.  A roof that you could have made the seller pay for…if only you’d known.  That’s every new homeowners dream right?!?

Unfortunately, if your home inspector didn’t have E & O insurance, you’ve got a rocky road ahead.  If you’re lucky, a call to them might result in the return of the original inspection fee.  While it’s something, it certainly doesn’t touch the cost of your new roof.  Instead most homeowners result to filing a law suit against the home inspector.  And while you may/may not be successful in our court system, along the way you’ll have to cover attorney fees, court costs and endure headache upon headache.

Compare the same scenario with an inspector that carries E & O insurance and the result is completely different.  Instead of calling an attorney, you simply contact the inspector.  He contacts his insurance agent and the situation is well on the way to being resolved.

At Miller Building Inspections, we try hard every day to surpass your expectations.  And that includes taking the high road to protect you by carrying E & O insurance.  The reality is that we’ve never had an E & O claim.  But there’s simply no way we would leave you exposed to a mistake we “might” make.

We’d love to inspect your new forever home.  If you don’t choose us, that’s ok.  But please make sure you protect yourself and that new big investment you’ve made by working with a home inspector that carries E & O insurance.  It’s a simple question that can save you a ton of money and grief.

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