There are lots of great questions you should ask a home inspector before hiring them to inspect what might just be the biggest purchase of your life.  (You can find some of our favorites here.) 

But as with anything else in life, new technologies are constantly evolving for the home inspection industry too!  One of the latest and most beneficial to you as a buyer is the use of drone technology to complete your roof inspection.

Did you know that ASHI and InterNACHI inspection standards do not require that inspectors physically walk on the roof?  There are a host of reasons why it’s not required but safety for the inspector lies at the heart.  So guess what?  Most inspectors choose to view the roof from a ladder instead of being on it.

As you might imagine, it’s pretty challenging (if not impossible!) to find areas of damage, excessive wear and even active leaks when preforming inspections without physically being on the roof. 

Below are 5 potential benefits from hiring a home inspector that uses drone technology:

  1. In depth inspection with close up images and video provide much greater information and consequently peace of mind for buyers.
  2. No damage caused by inspector walking on roof. Yes, inspectors can actually cause damage during the inspection.  The use of drone technology removes this possibility completely!
  3. Today’s roof designs often include unique features, multiple valley/dormer conditions and steep slopes. While they make for great aesthetic features both inside and out, they also make through roof inspections challenging if not impossible to complete.
  4. Inspections are completed easier, faster and safer. While this might seem like a benefit to the inspector, trust me as the buyer you benefit too! The reality is that inspectors allocate a certain amount of time for the total inspection process.  When the roof inspection is completed quickly, it allows them more time on the other important elements of the home.
  5. Aerial photo of your new home! While not all inspectors offer this cool perk, at Miller Building Inspections, we’re proud to offer our clients a completely free aerial digital image of their home as our way of saying thanks for choosing us.  These types of photos often cost $200-300 alone!

So do you want to hire a home inspector that uses drone technology for their roof inspections? 

The choice is yours, but to us at Miller Building Inspections, the answer is clear!  Our goal is to provide our clients the most complete information possible and using a drone for roof inspections does just that.

PS-If you decide it’s important to you too, make sure to ask the home inspector you choose to see their Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) pilot certificate.  This certificate is your assurance that they have completed the challenging coursework and passed the federal exam.  Without this important piece of paper, they could be exposing you to unnecessary risk and headaches!