We’ve all tried a product or service that didn’t meet our expectations.  When we’re buying things that can be returned, it’s easy.  We simply return the product and get a refund.  But for some purchases we make, it’s a little more challenging.  Take home inspections for example. 

Let’s assume for a minute that the company you hire disappoints you during the inspection.  Maybe they are late (or just never show up at all!)  Or perhaps they never send you the inspection report they promised.  In those cases, you could request your money back and maybe that would be good enough.

But what happens when you’re disappointed with their services after you close on your new “dream” home?  The reality is you hired a #homeinspector for some peace of mind about your purchase.  But when they miss big ticket items and you proceed to purchase, it can be a completely different story.  Sure they can offer you a $300-500 refund, but really what good is that when their poor effort encouraged you to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on what is a nightmare instead of a dream? 

Bottom line:  Don’t be fooled into thinking that a home inspector with a money back guarantee is your best bet.  Instead do you research, read reviews and ask your realtor for advice.  While you might only hire a home inspector once or twice in your life, your realtor works with inspectors daily.  So, they know the level of service and expertise in your town better than anyone!

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