If you’ve landed on our site, there’s a good chance you’re buying a home.  Whether it’s your first home or you’re downsizing for retirement, we know it’s an exciting time for you!  It’s also a time filled with decisions on everything from master suites to kitchen layouts and schools.

If you’re like many buyers, as you finalize details covering everything from the sale price to closing dates, you’re hoping that the flood of decisions starts to slow up….just a bit.

However, you’ll soon realize that the decisions don’t end.  The topics merely shift.  And one of the first questions in that process involves the topic of a third party home inspection.

While the vast majority of home buyers opt in for a professional home inspection, for others (perhaps like you), the decision isn’t a slam dunk and one they want to investigate before making.

At Miller Building Inspections, we believe that knowledge is power and applaud you for doing some research before committing to a home inspection.  With that said, we also believe in our ability to protect your financial and emotional investment.

Give these articles a quick read and if you decide you want the protection a third party home inspection offers, call Robert @ 309-825-4362 to get the process started.