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When you’re the seller, it’s not your responsibility to front the cost for a third-party home inspection. With that said, offering buyers an independent, professional and personalized evaluation of your home before they make an offer, can definitely help you close the deal more quickly!

And it only takes a minute to realize the benefits. Consider if you personally were looking at two homes that were fairly equal on face value. One offered an already completed home inspection which saved you time, money and offered full peace of mind for what you’re buying. The other home was a 

bit of a mystery to you. You knew nothing about the structural integrity or condition of things like the roof, furnace and air conditioning system. If you’re like most buyers, you would go for the sure thing.

Investing a few hundred dollars in a home inspection when you’re the seller is a fantastic marketing tool. It offers potential buyers peace of mind and makes your property more attractive to them. And if all of that isn’t enough, offering a home inspection can often net you top dollar for your property.

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