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If you are considering listing your home, scheduling a pre-listing home inspection is a great step. Our home inspection services help you spot potential issues that could kill a sale later for you. And investing in a pre-inspection also gives you the luxury of time to shop for competitively priced and reputable contractors, should repairs need to be made. As you can imagine, trying to make repairs with a closing date hanging over your head can lead to higher estimates, stress levels and frustration.

That’s why it’s our commitment to offer honest insights 

during our in-home pre-inspections. You can bet we cover the big ticket items that have the potential to scare off buyers, but we don’t stop there.  Our home inspections also cover things you may not initially consider like routine maintenance items that have been overlooked in your busy life.

The beauty is that you aren’t bound to make any repairs based on the pre-listing inspection.  The choice is completely yours.  As they say knowledge is power, and a pre-listing home inspection gives you all the knowledge to control how the selling process goes for you. As a bonus, a pre-listing inspection can even help you justify a higher listing price!

Fill out our inspection questionnaire to schedule your home inspection before listing your home to minimize surprises and maximize your listing price!

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