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For most of us, buying a home is the single largest purchase decision of our lives so it just makes sense to know exactly what you are and aren’t buying and the easiest way to do that is with a third party home inspection. The reality is your dream home may have great curb appeal, but a never ending list of “problems” that become yours once you complete the closing process.

With our Buyer-Based Home Inspection, you control the risk (and the surprises!) During the home inspection, we review the major structural components of the home but we also 

look for components that are at or near their service life. For example, the average life expectancy of a furnace is 20 years. Wouldn’t you like to know if the furnace in your dream home is 26 years old before you finalize the deal? Granted you may still purchase the home but at least you’ll do so with full knowledge of what you’re buying! And in many cases, knowing information like this can help you negotiate a better price to allow for repair or replacement of tired components.

Bottom line: In our digital age, when you buy a car it’s easy to research the reliability, expected repair bills and most importantly safety ratings. Hiring a licensed third-party home inspector offers you that same peace of mind on a purchase that realistically you’ll have much longer than that shiny new car.

Fill out our inspection questionnaire to schedule your home inspection before you purchase that dream home so you have nothing to worry about except making new memories!

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