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Since bank foreclosures are typically sold “as is,” buyers often question the value of a third party home inspection. In a traditional home inspection, the hope is that the seller will agree to repair some (if not all) of the items identified. Admittedly, a foreclosure offers a different set of rules.

While a bank typically won’t agree to repair any deficient items; they often will agree to a reduced price based on information from a third party home inspection. That’s where we come in. After our home inspection you’ll have a full diagnosis of the property ranging from the structural

components to recommended maintenance items.

Once you’re armed with the information in your personalized home inspection report, you’ll have the knowledge to make an informed decision about your next step.   If we find safety issues, you may decide that even at a great price it’s not worth putting your family at risk.  But if the findings are less serious, then you may be in a great position to negotiate a bit harder with the property owner.

While you may be saving a lot of cash up front by purchasing a foreclosure, it still doesn’t make sense to purchase a property without full knowledge of what you are or aren’t getting.   

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